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Meet Our Earth-Friendly Partners

Earth Day at Golden Sage Market

Happy Earth Day!

You may have heard me mention that one of Golden Sage Market’s values is sustainability. That’s why we partner with food producers that give back to the land their food comes from, whether by following organic practices, sourcing locally, packaging in recycled containers, or countless other ways.

Even though Earth Day is only one day, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you some of the choices our partners make to stay earth-friendly every day.

Bread & Flours

“Our shelf life is shorter, but we have nothing to hide.”

Bread and Flours Preserves

There are so many delicious ingredients listed here that it can be easy to overlook what’s not included: preservatives.

Among Bread and Flours’ many values are transparency and trust. Kristen, Mark, and Judy believe in purity when it comes to ingredients, which is why you’ll never find self-stabilizers in any of their preserves, marmalades, breads, or oils. Chemical preservatives make food last longer and look better, but can have long-term effects on people’s health and the planet’s - which is why the team makes the conscious choice to leave them out.

Bread and Flours sources ingredients from local farmers whenever they can. And, they package all of their products in environmentally-friendly (often compostable) packaging, to do their part to keep our planet beautiful.

Futterman Farms

 “We are clean, natural, and wholesome, not certified organic.”

Futterman Farms

Why not certified organic? Because the official label from the UDSA comes with a hefty price tag, which can be burdensome to small businesses such as the 4.7-acre farm at Futterman’s.

Instead, Futterman Farms’ dates are grown using organic practices. For them, that means clean mulch and no man-made fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals. Their dates are “organic” - just not “certified organic.”

Keep an ear out for the term “organic practices” at your local farmer’s market, so you don’t miss a chance to support a small business while getting fresh, delicious organic produce - like these non-certified organic beauties I scooped up from Finca Bonita Farm this weekend!

Finca Bonita Berries

Acapico Salsa

“My cooking approach stems from a less is more philosophy.”

Acapico Salsa

Speaking of Finca Bonita Farm, that’s where you’ll find most of the ingredients in chef Luis Dirco’s salsas and sauces.

As a former farm worker, he understands the importance of ethical, earth-friendly (and energy-efficient) farming. That’s why he sources from local farms - and why he never uses food coloring or preservatives.

That’s not all - Lasto Foods packages all of their nut butters in 100% PET recycled plastic. One of Joshua Tree Coffee Company’s founding principles is preserving the desert’s natural environment.

We couldn’t be prouder of all the good work our partners are doing! Find out more about them here.

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