These foods are delicious on their own, but they're even better together

One of the perks of having a specialty food shop is getting to discover and sample new food to sell in the store (it’s rough!). This past January & February I participated in my first virtual food shows as a buyer, and was sent samples upon samples upon samples of delicious products from fellow members of the Specialty Food Association and the Good Food Foundation.

Even though my pantry and fridge have been filled with these wonderful products, I’m happy to say the ones that remain staples in our house are the ones we sell at Golden Sage Market. So it’s only natural that friends and family will often ask what my favorite GSM products are. And while I can’t pick favorites I figured I’d share my go-to combos! 

Joshua Tree Coffee Mellow Ethiopian and Mojica Local Goods Coasters

Joshua Tree Coffee Mellow Ethiopian + Mojica Local Goods Coasters

I love all of Joshua Tree’s coffee, but Mellow Ethiopian has quickly become GSM’s house blend. I have one of Mojica Local Goods’ tri-color coasters on my morning table (it’s a nightstand but I like to name things contextually) specifically for coffee, and even though I’m already a morning person, setting my coffee on these coasters while waking up is quite possibly my favorite way to start the morning. Especially when I get to do this outside!

Clif Family Napa Valley Strawberry Preserves and Lasto Foods Matcha Almond Butter

Clif Family Strawberry Preserves + Lasto Foods Matcha Almond Butter

Strawberries aren’t my favorite berry, and I hadn’t even tried matcha until I tasted this almond butter. But when I tasted both of these products I fell immediately in love. I don’t know that I’ll start buying matcha lattes (or whatever matcha products are trendy these days), but the two of these spread on toasted seedy bread has become one of my favorite breakfasts! The combo is subtly sweet & tart and works perfectly. I’d also recommend on oatmeal. Or wrapped in a tortilla. Or just eaten off a spoon.

Clif Family Napa Valley Roasted Tamari Mixed Nuts and Pacific Pickle Works Cauliflower Power

Clif Family Tamari Roasted Nut Mix + Pacific Pickle Works Cauliflower Power

I get munchy around 3pm every day (and, really, most other hours, too). Ever since I opened GSM, one of my favorite midday snacks has been nuts & pickles. Hear me out. The Tamari Roasted Nut Mix has an unexpectedly sweet & salty umami flavor, and when I add the perfectly vinegary and just-the-right-amount-of spicy cauliflower (or carrot or green bean) pickles, I can tell myself I’m eating vegetables. Because I AM.

It’s such a delicious, light & satisfying snack. Any combo of the Clif Family nuts and PPW Pickles work, but these two have gotten the most counter and stomach time here at HQ.

Seka Hills Honey and Zoe's Meats Ghost Pepper Salami

Séka Hills Honey + Zoe’s Meats Ghost Pepper Salami

Another snacking favorite! Or, pretty commonly, a weekday lunch when I don’t feel like making anything. I usually prefer my sweet with salty, and let me tell you, these two were made for each other! One of my favorite things about Zoe’s salamis is that they’re incredibly flavorful without being too salty. And the Séka Hills honey is just the perfect amount of sweet and rich. Eating salami with honey isn’t a novel idea, but this combo is even better than you’d expect!

Futterman Farms Barhi Dates and Lasto Foods Natural Almond Butter

Futterman Farms Barhi Dates + Lasto Foods Almond Butter

We have at least two bags of Futterman Farms dates on our counter at all times, because these are nothing like what you get at the grocery store. Here, I’m going to pick favorites: Barhi dates. They’re the softest, most delicious little sweet treats that taste like chocolatey caramels, and ever since I first tried them I don’t think a day has gone by that I don’t eat at least one. But add some nut butter? Well you’ve got yourself a bite-sized peanut butter cup that’s made entirely by nature! Any of Lasto Foods nut butters work here, but I usually turn to the simplicity of the natural almond butter. Three separate friends told us how delicious this combo is. And while I’m a little surprised I didn’t think this one up myself, I’m so glad somebody did!

What are your favorites?

This is just the start of our favorite pairings. Do you have a favorite pair to share? We’re all ears! Let us know in the comments and we might just add it to our favorites rotation. You can also check back here or in the store’s descriptions for new combos we’re loving!

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