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About Us

Passionate about food? So are we.

And we’re even more passionate about supporting small businesses that value our food system as much as we do. We don’t sell just any products. We work with small batch producers in California who use sustainable, people-first production and business practices.

We sell high quality foods and beverages that are affordable, sustainably made, and are special enough to eat for a celebration, yet simple enough to enjoy on a weeknight. We taste everything we sell, because we want to (we love food!) and also because we only sell what we believe in. 

Our mission is to create connections between producers and consumers through a shared love of great tastes, human-centered values, and a commitment to reinvesting in our local & regional food system.

Our values.


We partner with producers who put people first, from fair employment practices to fair representation.


From the ingredients in the products we sell to the service we provide, quality is something we’re not willing to sacrifice.


Through environmental, labor, and business practices, we’re making the local food system stronger, one step at a time.


We see our customers as our community. The producers we work with are always our partners, never vendors.


Food is joy, and we want to spread it!

Our founder.

Carla Berger founded Golden Sage Market in 2020, while finishing her Master's degree in Food Studies at New York University. She was born and raised in New York City, and has dreamt of owning her own specialty food shop since she was a kid.

After 15 years working in marketing, operations, and client services in the social impact space, she decided it was time follow the sun to the West Coast, and to put her heart into helping build a strong, sustainable local food system. 

As a small business owner, her full support goes to entrepreneurs who treat their work as a craft, and to fellow food lovers who understand that great tastes and a healthy food system are not mutually exclusive. She believes in quality over mass profits. In eating good food, drinking good wine, and spending time with the people (and cat) she loves. 

Want to know more?

If you have questions, thoughts or ideas, we'd love to hear from you! Send us a DM @goldensagemarket or drop us a line at

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