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You care about good food.

Your guests do too.

Food that tastes good, and is good for people and the planet.

Food. The gift everyone wants.

No need to spend countless hours searching for food that’s good. We’ve found (and tasted!) the very best “good food” from California suppliers.

Our curated, any-size, any-occasion packages will please your guests, make you shine, and save you tons of time

When you buy gifts from Golden Sage Market, you can check:




off your list.

Only good food found here.

Wait, what's "good" food?

Glad you asked. In a nutshell (mmm... nuts), it means the food is local, made sustainably, makes you feel good, is gentle on your wallet, and above all…tastes really, really good.

Here's what else it does...

Brings joy to
your guests

(and, in turn, you)

Saves you time

Gives back to the community

Getting good food doesn't get any easier.


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